Token Sniper

Step 1: Access the Bot:

Step 2: Paste the token contract you want to snipe to the Bot. The Bot will send you the information of that token

Step 3: The Bot will give you options to choose the amount of $SOL you want to snipe for that token. Of course, you can manually type the amount of $SOL.

Step 4: The Bot will pin a pending transaction for the sniping process. All you have to do now is wait for the token launch, and the bot will buy for you. Step 5: SolTradingBot will announce to you if the snipe is successful or not, based on the project settings.

Two things you should notice to have a successful snipe: Slippage and Tip

  • Slippage: To optimize your experience with SolTradingBot's Snipe Monitor, consider adjusting slippage tolerance settings based on market conditions. By setting an appropriate slippage tolerance, users can minimize the impact of price fluctuations and enhance the precision of their trades. (A small tip is that you may need to set the slippage up to 500-1000% for a successful snipe)

  • Tip: When utilizing the Snipe Monitor feature on SolTradingBot, users can enhance the priority of their transactions by considering a voluntary tip to the blockbuilder. This tip serves as an incentive and can potentially expedite the processing of your transaction, ensuring quicker execution during periods of high demand.

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